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Long scale basses

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Looking to buy another long scale bass but don't know any besides the Tbird. Examples? Looking for them in the 200-300 dollar range
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Most basses are long scale; any bass with specs showing a 34 inch scale length is a long scale bass.
Direct link to musicians-friend for $200-300 bass's. This ought to help you in what you are seeking and answer what questions you may have left

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Yes 34“ is the standard, it gets called long scale to differentiate it from 30” or short scale. Actually Gibson of the T Bird fame are more well known for their short scalers the EB series, the Gibson Grabber and Ripper from the 70s are long scale and can be picked up for reasonable money and were also quite cool. The T Bird is from the 50s
Posts: 3139
There's a nice Gibson Grabber on eBay right now but it's $800
You can find a 24 fret Ibanez 4 string Ibanez at Guitar Center for around $275

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