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Long scale string recommendations

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Just got my Tbird a couple days ago and I was wondering what length of strings is best. Right now .50-105 is on it. Is that good or do I need to go down a little more? They seem a little tight
(A) What exactly are you asking? You are describing the thickness of the strings, not length and .50-105 is considered normal size and use. Do the strings appear to be tight/snug at the nut? If so, it is suppose to be that way. As long as the strings drop into the slots of the nut, you are fine.
( If for some odd reason you decided to purchase a thicker set of strings and they do not fit into the nut, then you need to have the nut replaced with an appropriate one or if there is enough material on the nut to be filed away, then that is an option as well.

Did this help you in anyway? If not - post back up to this thread

Sorry I did mean thickness! And like when I play with my fingers they're tighter than they should be. Should I drop it to like .40-100?
And what are some good strings for heavy metal? I don't really like bright tones
I'm gonna guess that when your bass is tuned to Standard, the strings appear to be stretched out too far, as in feeling tight? Tight like piano wire where there is very little to no movement?

This is one of those things I would have to personally look at to get a better idea of why the action is behaving like that. It is possible the strings are pinching in the nut and is not able to have the freedom of movement that it should have. That nut should be able to handle .45-105 strings with no problem at all, considering that is the recommended gauge to be using anyways.

How is your bridge, did the strings thread through the holes with very little effort, are the strings threaded all the way through without hanging up on the eyelets?

Overall, what brand of strings do you have on your bass? Did you install these strings yourself or was it done for you? The strings should fit snug and tight in the nut, but have the freedom to slide. If they do not slide, then you need the nut replaced or modified.

“good strings for heavy metal” - again, this would be a personal preference and time and experience will tell you what works for you.

DR's, Dunlop, GHS Boomers is a place to start for strings that are long lasting, durable, and for the most part affordable to a degree.

On another note: if you currently have a spare set of strings(new or old), I would suggest having them installed to see if there is any changes.

Hopefully the above was able to clarify your issues, if not…….hit me back up on this thread.
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You've brought this up before and you've also mentioned that you started on guitar, now this is gonna sound crazy but you aren't tuning your bass to the same pitch as your six string are you? Basses are one octave lower than guitars so if your guitarist gives you an open E your E would sound the same at the twelfth fret, over tight strings is a new one on me and the Epiphone Thunderbird is an excellent bass so I can't see where you are going wrong other than tuning wrong, hope this helps
I honestly have no idea idea why I would tune my bass to guitar. But I figured out my problem, I just had to adjust the action a bit
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That will just change the distance between the strings and the frets, Anyway, strings for heavy metal, Rotosound are strongly favoured by lots of rockers, but you also said you are using flatwounds, you'd be better off with roundwounds cos they ‘Ring’ longer whereas flatwounds are dull sounding and the note decays quickly. You've also mentioned soloing, do me a favour and check out Steve Vai vs Billy Sheehan on YouTube, it will blow you away man
I don't remember talking bout solos or using flat rounds. I use rounds
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Oh well, watch the vid anyway haha

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