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Fender : Jazz, Precision or Jaguar ?

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Yes, I am well aware that I am about to start a huge debate but which do you think is best ?
Personally, I play Precision and prefer it over Jazz bass
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I'll rule out the Jag first cos I've never played one, I did, however, once own a Fender Jaguar guitar and it was far too over complex, Fender launched it in 61 and poor sales led them to drop it in 75. I've owned both Precisions and a Jazz and I'm going to rule out the Jazz for the same reason, the two pick ups mean you are always fiddling about to get that perfect tone. So you probably think Precision, right? wrong, if I was gonna buy another fender it would be a good vintage Mustang Bass, there really is no reason for the bass to have a 34“ scale when 30” does exactly the same job but is ten times easier to play, Gibsons first basses were short scale, they've since done long scale basses but their best sellers are the short scale models. Anyway, I use MusicMan Stingray and the bass in my profile pic that I built myself
I play Jaguar and I have played a Precision also. I like the Precision better. On the Jag I turn off the jazz pickup because it adds annoying buzz. The Precision is easier to work with and sounds better to me

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