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Couple of combo/cab questions

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1. Should I buy the Fender Rumble 100 with 2 10s or the one with the one 15 inch speaker with horn? Need that answered most

2. Are guitar cabs and bass cabs the same? Could I use a Marshall guitar cab on a bass?
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Buy the Line 6 Lowdown, it's a 400 watt rack mount head, small in size but big on power, it's also a modelling amp with usable bass effects, and it's about £180 so that's around $120. There's no reason why you can't use a guitar cab, but a bass cab is built to match the lower frequencies of a bass head, and don't forget, the cab needs to be able to handle the power of the amp and run on the same ohms. I prefer a 4x10 cab, they give a more instant punchy sound than say, a single 15" but it's down to personal preference. Just to go back to Line 6, my lead guitarist, who is absolutely awesome!!, ( check him out on YouTube, TheRizingForce ) use a Line 6 Spider 75 watt and he drowns the rest of us out, he also uses an Ibanez Jem 7 which once belonged to Steve Vai and he paid ten grand for it so the Line 6 is obviously up to the job. Thanks
I feel that it all depends on your bass and what you are looking to get out of an amp. I have played through most everything and I found what suited me, my bass and my situation. Everyone is different. I suggest you go to your local music store and play thru everything they have until you find what fits you and your needs. There are multiple options and its kinda fun trying out new gear.

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