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How can they allow a 6 inch speaker to be put in a bass amp?!

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So I'm a beginner at bass, I've been playing for 4 months now and I always wondered why my amp sounded so bad. I have a Peavey Max 126 amp (I hate Peavey sound, my old guitarist used Peavey, didn't sound good) and I wondered why it didn't hold up as well as the Fender Rumble 15 does that I've plaid in the music store. Well I found out my amp only has a 6 inch speaker, I thought it had an 8 like the Fender but nope. Good thing I didn't pay for it though, I sold my guitar to someone who paid me and gave me an amp. But I'm getting a Fender Rumble 100 with a 15 inch speaker at Christmas. Can't wait! And I can test my new Thundebird on it. So how can they put such a small speaker in a bass amp? I don't even know a guitar amp with a 6 inch!

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