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Tips to teach myself bass

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So I am taking bass more seriously now since I'm gonna have to play and sing in my band. And I have found it hard not knowing exactly what to do. So I need some tips on how I can increase my skills on my own as I think it'd be easier and more efficient
download Songsterr it is helping me leaps and bounds.
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Songster is good for timing and rhythm of song the notes usually a little off. Good luck, singing and playing is really hard.
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If you weren't born to play bass you'll find it really hard to play bass and sing cos the bassline is different to the melody so you have to concentrate on two things. You have to practise the bassline so you can play it without thinking then start singing, top tip, get a singer
No matter where I am at, when I hear a song, I play my bass. On my knee, steering wheel, girlfriends shoulder. To every song. Especially the ones that you are trying to learn. Listen to them over and over and listen only to the bass. Burn that sound Into your brain. That way when you are learning to play it, you know where the changes are. Good luck

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