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Good heavy metal stuff to cover in my band?

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So my band mainly plays Marilyn Manson and we're getting a little tired of it but still enjoy it and don't want to ruin it. What's some good songs with simpler bass lines because I just started singing and playing again after 2 months and some cool guitar riffs? Looking for stuff like
Alice Cooper
Pantera - NOT WALK
Judas Priest
stuff around that general area would be good. Just let me know. Thanks!
Judging by your artist list, I would suggest something from Slipknot. Their bass lines are sound very cool but are still simple to learn and play. The song I would start out with maybe “Surfacing” or “Duality.” For more difficult lines I would say “Eyeless” “Left Behind” or “Metabolic”
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Sounds more like Thrash than Heavy, but here goes with some HM ideas,
Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden
Ace of Spades by Motörhead
Paranoid by Black Sabbath

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