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Tips for singing and playing?

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10 years ago
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So a couple months ago I could play songs singing and playing guitar or bass without jacking up a note. Now all I do is either sing or just play guitar so my skills are a little rusty. I would like to regain this skill as quickly as possible so I can put some new stuff on my youtube channel besides just singing or just bass and to practice more efficiently in my band (Manson songs with no bass when there's no guitar is just weird sounding). So does anyone have anything to help me out? Thanks
johnny [staff]
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what I do is I practice a song on the guitar or bass so that I can play it without even thinking about it so it's pure muscle memory. Once I'm no longer thinking about it I can focus on singing. I know some people that go the other way around, but for me that's a lot harder.
Ell todo
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Steve Harris plays and appears to be singing too on stage, if you figure out how he does it let me know good luck. My head is 100% in the bass I can't even begin to imagine singing too.

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