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Albums that don't take long to learn?

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I'm looking for an album that has intermediate bass lines that will take me only a couple hours to learn. I'm looking for albums in the range of Antichrist Superstar. That album took me maybe 3 hours to learn, 4 at most. And I'm getting tired of playing the same albums over and over again. I just learned the album Holy Wood by Manson last week but it's already lost its thrill. So suggestions? Looking for industrial metal, nu-metal, and thrash. Thanks!
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Don't learn Albums, develop your own style. Jam with other musicians and you will develop far quicker than just learning other peoples lines,plus you will get to know the fingerboard better cos you have to work it out yourself rather than having it given on a plate. Advertise for a guitarist and drummer who are at your level, rent a practise room and go in and play, and don't be shy, everyone has to start somewhere

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