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Any acoustic bass players out there?

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I just bought an Ibanez acoustic with electric. I love this new bass. Plays great.

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Never tried one or own one! Might be fun though.
Ell todo
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Yep, I do 90% of my practicing on the acoustic, the improvement shows instantly every time I pick up an electric.
I used to have an AXL 2, but I had to sell it to get some cash to help get the paint redone on my truck.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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right here i have an Ibanez AEB10E, i love it its awesome i take it with me everywhere, but what i hate is when people look at it and say: öh what a lovely guitar you have"

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me too. I have a Tradition acoustic/electric I picked and practice with it. before I got it I asked the same questions; why and is it worth it… mixed replies so I pulled the trigger. I really like it. I find I have to be more accurate or it lets you know you f'd up. really like it…and ya I have got some odd comments about it being a fat guitar and I thought guitars and 6 strings…
I agree it is great to practice with. No amp to lug around and mistakes are painfully obvious.
I had an Ibanez AEB5E acoustic/electric given to me by a friend that plays guitar and thought I would take to bass more than guitar. He was right. I'm consistently practicing and learning. I love that I can pick it up and play anytime I want and not have to plug it in or have any real set up other than making sure it's tuned. I love the sound that this acoustic bass produces.
I just bought one to get back in to playing after a ten year break when I fell off a roof and broke my wrist, I'm loving it, can play it anywhere anytime love the sound to )
LoudLon [moderator]
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I've never owned an acoustic bass but I play them frequently when visiting my buddy's music shop. He sells several different brands but I really like the feel of the Fender Kingman. If I ever do break down and buy one, that's likely the model I'll get.

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