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This will sound weird but ....

punk bass man
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My uncles band is letting me play two songs for them teenage kicks and blitzkreig bop pretty easy songs like i can do them no bother but i want to be taken more serious than 00005577 .so i thought bass solo and i have no clue how to right one if anyone could help me to do a bass solo for teenage kicks or blitzkreig bop it would mean alot .so thanks guys cheers thank you .
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
Posts: 510
well yeah ive actually incorporated bass solos for blitzkrieg bop but not teenage kicks i could send you the solo by email so that only you can use other than me offcourse
oh wow serious jeez thank you man .yeah that would be great yeah .could I get you on facebook man .yeah thank you that would be great .
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I wrote a 8 bar bass solo for Teenage Kicks. It's at the bottom of the tab after the Outro. You could plug it in where one of the fills is played. The tab will be in the New Bass Tabs section. Let me know if you like it, or not! Cheers.
Wow thank you so much .cheers man thats great thanks so much .

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