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Bass strings too tight!!

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So at my local music store all their basses have nice and loose strings like they should be. Well, I bought a Fender Jaguar off Craigslist for 90 which saves me around 120 bucks. Perfect condition but when I went to my music store to test out different amps to see which one I'm gonna buy next, I tested the same exact bass as what I have. As well as about 5 others and the strings were nice and loose. On mine I can barely pop or slap. Barely walk it! So how do I get the strings loose?
Look at the bridge and look at where the strings are mounted on. There are 4 screws on the end. Take the strings off, as not to harm the bass, grab a Phillips screw driver and turn the screw until you see the string mount move towards the neck. Don't adjust the action unless it looks high.
Possibly try different strings. I am new to bass playing, and was getting a little discouraged with the fingering on my bass. Switched over to a set of flat wound, long scale, light strings, and it's a whole new world.
Harryset I'm gonna try that! Thanks so much!
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OH MY GOD!!! don't do what Bassguy is telling you!!! that is how you set intonation, if you adjust those screws you will put the intonation out which means when you play the bass, and you move up and down the fingerboard it will go out of tune the further up the neck you go. the usual guage of strings for a 34" scale are 105s and flat wound sound duller than round wound

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