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Bass solos

punk bass man
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My bands guitarist isnt the best so i have to carry him alot especially in the solos so i was wondering if anyone knew any simply but good sounding bass solos .cheers
That depends on what your are playing. I would recommend the first bass solo form Metallica's Orion. It took me about 5 minutes to learn. Also if the Guitarist's lack of playing skill don't seem to improve, I would strongly suggest finding a replacement depending on if your band is wanting to get serious about playing shows or not.
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Check out the album Mercy Falls from Seventh Wonder, it is full of great, simple and complicated bass solos, the bassist is simply amazing.
Also check out A Dark Light from Aram Bedrosian on youtube, check out Davie504's youtube channel and TommyLeedDepp's.
I've got more but that might be enough
Posts: 125
But with so many guitarists out there, you shouldn't waste your time on one that isn't good.
The bassist should not have to carry the guitarist!! This is my opinion, when my band plays, my bassist and guitarist know what's going on and connect with each other in the music
johnny [staff]
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try to motivate him to practice more, i'm sure he'll get better.

I really recommend this website: http://musicdiscipline.com

I made it myself (with the help of kissyboy and thedude of course) and I believe it's a good resource for learning on how to shred on guitar.
Cheers guys thanks i will check out everything .cheers thanks

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