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Taking bass tab requests

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Don't you hate it when there isn't a tab for the song you love or it's all jacked up and there's only a few? Well I only do correct tabs. If I don't think it's right, I consult others, watch live videos very closely, or listen better. I always play it before I right them. I have corrected a few guitar and bass tabs in the past couple weeks because they were horrid. If you want to see my work, go to the Marilyn Manson page and look for the right after the title. I have The Beautiful People for some reason, Tourniquet, and The Reflecting God. Email me at bradgriffon@yahoo.com or comment if you would like to request something. Best to email me about it so I can let you know when it's pending so you know when it will be up
TheDude [staff]
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wow this forum is blowing up with people taking requests, i love it!

we're working on a new system for collaborated tabbing on the site and a few other features, so stay tuned!

also, if you're really anxious to get some requests, you can always check out the requests page here.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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linkinpark232 i definetly 500% agree with you for example ive had people requesting me tabs and theyve all of them, sent me links from bass tabs already written on ultimate guitar and everytime i see those horrid mediocre “tabs” im stunned specially when they get 5 star ratings on their site so i am very glad to have you bro here cooperating and being part of the team.

And one more thing ULTIMATE GUITAR stick to guitar tabs leave the bass tabs to us -_____-
I like what you are doing here. I will send an email.
Ultimate Guitar is a joke.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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yes yes it is

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