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Good fingering exercises?

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I need some help getting down fretting quickly on songs by Slayer to cover in my band. What's some useful tips AND exercises?
johnny [staff]
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the best tip I can think of is this: whenever you want to play faster you actually want to minimize movements. use as little energy as possible when moving your fingers (i.e. only move the finger that you need to and try to minimize its path from one fret to the other - or one string to the other)
bass freak
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Good tip johnny, study John Entwistle!
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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the pick bro the pick is the way
the pick bro the pick is the way
I use picks. Hate playing with fingers. And I think I can get a better sound unless I'm doing a bit of slap
Rene pj
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picks zijn heel goed voor een lekker scherpe sound ,met de vingers is dat wat “doffer” de pick is NIET weg!!!!
Ell todo
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Dump the pick they are too slow, play your scales nice and clean and slow, play up and down in thirds. Play the chromatic scale in thirds too. If you want to play fast you,ve got to learn how to play slow.
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Don't forget to use your ‘Anchor’ finger, use all four fingers over four frets and as you move around the neck use your forefinger to ‘anchor’ your hand in the correct position. to practise this, play a pentatonic scale in G, go up the scale then back down to the low G, then move up to B on the E string and play B pentatonic. Your fore finger started at the second fret on the A string then as you moved up to the B scale your fore finger went straight to the sixth fret on the A string. Concentrate on anchoring this finger in this position in the scale and you will quickly pick up moving round the fingerboard quickly and accurately. practise this moving all around the neck, use progressions to work out the chord changes. One other thing, in five years time when you are giving an interview to Rolling Stone magazine gimme a mention!

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