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Any good Nirvana bass lines to learn

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Smells like teen spirit,come as you are,Silver,In Bloom….these bass lines are fun to play but what other good nirvana bass lines are fun to play?
Any one,any idea?
LoudLon [moderator]
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Lounge Act
The Man Who Sold the World
Serve the Servants
Mr. Mustache
New Wave Polly
Love Buzz
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lounge act
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About a Girl is a good song and fairly easy. Lithium might be the most fun, but the bass doesn't come in until 39 seconds into the song and it gets a little tricky in some spots. Besides songs previously mentioned I've also enjoyed playing along to Rape Me and Big Cheese.
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I just realized that you asked for bass lines and not entire songs, oops.
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lounge act and lithium
Hairspray Queen also has a pretty good bassline.
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On a plain
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Territorial Pissings…jus to speed things up
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Another fun one is “Stay Away.”

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