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Best way to increase your skill?

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I don't know much about the bass besides the fact it's got lower pitch, longer and skinnier neck, most have active pickups, some bass lines are easier than guitar. So I played guitar for about 6 months before I bought my bass so I know what I'm doing playing wise. There are just a lot of songs I don't really know because I can't play it. So what are some tips?
johnny [staff]
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the best tip of all is to practice. if you can afford one, I strongly suggest a teacher. Otherwise there's lots of lessons on the internet that can help you out. Most of all if you play every day, you'll only get better.

the best and only way to increase your skill is to practice every day
Thanks! And I play for around 1-3 hours everyday
TheDude [staff]
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Thanks! And I play for around 1-3 hours everyday
you will improve quickly, no doubt.
Practice different finger exercises. It will improve your playing speed and get you more comfortable with the fret spacing.
And also work on different playing styles. like slapping, tapping, finger picking, and using a pick. That helps a ton. Also you could work with chord and harmonic progressions. It helps with a lot of Tool and Dream Theater songs, assuming that you're into that kind of music.
Bassyguy1 Nah never really liked either bands. More into thrash and industrial. Shoot myself everytime I hear Tool
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Find a song that's FAST but not too complex. Something that's simple enough to learn without getting frustrated, but fast enough to be challenging and rewarding when you nail it. Something that you can play slowly at first and work your way up to playing it at full speed. For me, the song “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick” by Ian Dury & The Blockheads really helped my technique.
Ell todo
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Don't just try to learn songs. You can do a lot of that and make little progression, to really learn what's going on you need to work on scales and arpeggios. When you start to really know these you will find songs lots of songs, also as I've said before you need to play these real clean and tight. After you do that enough to find yourself dream about f#%^*+ scales you'll see big improvements in your skill. Sorry don't mean to sound like a lecture good luck.

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