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Best Online Video Bass Lessons Sites?

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I really want to focus on starting at the basics again and re-learn technique (the proper way) and I was just curious if any of you had some recommendations of what websites I should check out that have video lessons. I don't necessarily care if they are free or not… I've tried lessons at my local music store, but have gotten nowhere with that. They contradict everything they tell me, and they pretty much just sit there and play songs that they know instead of teaching me what I want to learn. I need help… Thanks!
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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dude you can also just youtube bass covers or tutorials and if you cant find anything there you can request us a bass tab
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Scottsbasslessons are a great play to go for starting over the right way. Besides me bing a member their he is a really great instructor he makes thing plain and simple.
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Scottsbasslessons & “The Bassment” on youtube.
Hands down it's Riff Academy.

They offer a unique mutable media player so you can jam along with the Riff instructors. Best I've seen!!!

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