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Online Bass Lessons

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10 years ago
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Here is a great site for learning the bass
Great for all levels…
Lots of reading to begin with but i think its worth the read
Check it out

johnny [staff]
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Studybass is a good resource.

I also have a website that provides guitar lessons and exercises, it's called Music Discipline:


A friend and I are writing bass lessons and exercises which will soon be available on this website.

Hopefully I'll get the work done soon and be able to publish the exercises
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Any info to help a beginner with their Bass playing is always welcome!
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Well said bassm99.
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@ johnny

Ive been to that site and have liked it on Facebook,
its a great site, but i play Bass… cant wait for the bass lessons then.

What about keyboards on there ?
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1005
I'm not much of a keyboard player but I know a guy who can really rock it, hopefully I'll persuade him to write some exercises
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Scott Devine he makes things plan and simple he's a great instructor I've never had a teacher before he is the ticket for me . i'm learning scales and arpeggios just started this week i'm moving alone fast because of Scott. EVERY BIGINNER should check him every thing is free tabs and backing tracks.

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