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Has anyone used this software to tab a song?

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11 years ago
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Sounds interesting and possibly rather useful. Has anyone used it?

There's a 30-day free trial. Anyone care to try it out and give us a report? (I only have a few hours per week for working on songs currently, so the 30-day trial wouldn't get me much. I will try it when I have more time for tabbing.)
johnny [staff]
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I have used this software to figure out really fast solos on guitar. The slowdown function is cool, because the pitch stays the same.

Also you can select a part of a song and just repeat that part, really good for play-along practice.

The spectral analysis is the really cool part, it shows a neat line over a keyboard and just by inspecting the left side you can figre out the bass part pretty quickly.

all in all, I like this software
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Sounds interesting
Posts: 1499
I've used Transcribe! to help figure out one song so far, and I found a feature that I really like. Once you've opened a song in Transcribe, you can apply some effects (Fx button) to better hear what you want to hear. Under the EQ tab, I found the 1 Bass Select preset very helpful in making the bass line stand out almost by itself. The effect was better than what I can get using the Low Pass filter in Audacity. I like it so far!
LoudLon [moderator]
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Way late to this, but I use Transcribe! regularly. I use “bass select” and then adjust the tuning up an octave, which makes the bass sound clearer. I actually made a vid for Youtube showing that effect several years ago:

No, I play by ear.

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