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Female Bass Players Unite

A couple of cool bands with female bassists are: Sonic Youth Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks Wild Flag the Feelies The Pixies

Dont forget the ever present
Tina Weymouth, talking heads
Gail Anne Dorsey, david bowies bassist
Fellow cloggie Marjolein Kooieman, the Gathering
Suzi Quatro
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Darcy from The Smashing Pumpkins!
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I remember Darcy from the Pumpkins! Also Melissa Auf De Maur from Hole who also did bass duties for the Pumpkins. Michael Steele from The Bangles.
I'm both a newbie to the site, and a chick. So yeah. Figured I'd chime in. Lyn-Z is the bass player from Mindless Self Indulgence. She's a BAMF, and her back bends are sick. ;D
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Definitely Carol Kaye. As a session player, she defined the bottom end on some seminal songs and albums, such as the Beach Boys' “Pet Sounds”, and most of the hits out of LA in the 60s. She also played on a lot of the theme songs to 60s and 70s tv shows. She is “the most recorded bassist of all time, with 10,000 sessions spanning four decades.”

Tal is excellent, and I love Tina Weymouth's style.

There's also Meshell Ndegeocello, Suzi Quatro, and tons of female bassists in neo-punk and various styles of metal bands.
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Also, I'm a female bass player (blues and rock).

I took up the bass for the first time at the age of 42. I'll be 49 this year, and am having a blast.
Gail Anne Dorsey blows my mind! If you what to hear a real treat, look up David Bowie playing Under Pressure on the,“A Reality Tour” dvd on you tube! Gail takes the Freddie Mercury vocals, and it sends shivers up your spine!
hi! I'm also a female bassist from Trinidad and Tobago
One of the best is Sean Yseult of White Zombie. Her lines on La Sexorcisto were kick ass.
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Tal Wilkenfield from Jeff Becks band is one of the best bassists I've ever seen, male or female

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