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Do you play in a band?

TheDude [staff]
Posts: 287
11 years ago
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How many of you play in a band, or have in the past?

Ever had any big gigs or recorded a record?
I did a battle of the bands in school does that count ?
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1005
yeah, it does!

do you have a youtube video of your performance?
I open 4 Nickelback, Sloan, The Tea party, The headstones,the list go's on but my fav is by far Fishbone…
@johnny i dont sorry
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1005
Here's a youtube video of my band's performance.

I play guitar in this band though, not the bass
i am forever alone.
Yeah I play in a band calle Estado Natural, im from Argentina
Posts: 35
I played in bands in high school. I picked up the bass again a few years ago, once my son was a teenager and I had some free time. I have been gigging with a variety of baby boomer bands all around New York City. There are lots of us “mature” folks who are picking up our instruments again. You're never too old to rock!
I play in two bands, I play bass for a girlfriends band doing 50% own stuff mixed with covers from those luvely guns n roses chappies with a smattering of Guano Apes etc. I also play guitar with a commercial cover band doing cheesy top 40 stuff for weddings funerals barmitzvahs etc
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Currently in a band with most of the guys I played with 20 years ago. Here's a video of us doing In Memory of Elizabeth Reed. This was at the end of a long night and at one point both my hands cramped up during the solo section. Still posted it, since it was the first time we had done it live.


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