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Do you play in a band?

Bassist for No Returns, a punk (with a little ska flavor) band from South Florida. I call us an “undercover band” because we play a lot of covers that nobody has ever heard of, along with originals

Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/noreturnsband
YouTube: http://youtube.com/noreturnsband
johnny [staff]
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I'm reviving this topic. Anyone else want to share his band's youtube videos or facebook profiles?
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I play in a band named Magpie, we haven't played any gigs yet but we've written 2 songs and are working on a third one. I write lyrics as well as being the bassist.
Here's a crap ipad recording
Be sure to mell what you think of us !
They are all college students except for me who is in highschool
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Yeah in high school i played in a band called ARtificiallyFlavored (we disbanded) i also played in the church at school and on sundays, after that in my 1st year of college i played in a band called ElementSix, as well as a few music groups ad orchestras, i had 2 power trios, and now im in a band called SangreNativa and were gonna play here in Pr before i leave to go study in Texas this summer

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