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I need help tabbing a song

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2 months ago
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Hi everyone! I’m new to bass, been playing for 4 months now, and I really like lots of punk songs to play. Since I’m new to all this I don’t have the ear to really pick out the notes in songs, I was wondering if I could ask anyone with a better ear to help me tab out some music.
The song/album is Paranoid Time by Minutemen. It is 7 songs and a total length of 6 minutes 39 seconds. It doesn’t seem to difficult but I really don’t know which, is why I’m asking for some help.
Hi, you simply make a request. It's next to the button BEGINNERS at the top of this site.
Must say The Minutemen good choice but this may look easy but it's not. Mike Watt is one of the best bass players all time, punk does not mean easy. But good luck and request one song at the time is my advice.
I'm used to playing by ear. I just start the song and try to play along. After a few times I get a picture of the structure and the notes. If some notes remain, I open the song with the freeware program Audacity and play it at a lower speed.
The bass in the songs you mention, is pretty prominent. Shouldn't be too much of a problem. Great bass player by the way.
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New band to me, but i listened some old recording at youtube of it.
Im away from home, so cant try it out. But if you start with A, and then use D & E properly i think you get atleast close to how it's played. And now im talking about a song named Validation. Feels like the main song goes as AAAA-DDDD-EE EE

It's hard to say, since im listening it via laptop speakers. But try to find the first chord, after that it gets easier since there is not many chords in that song.
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Normally I'd shut a tab request post down and point the OP to the request link atop the page instead (that's what it's there for, after all) but this one slipped by me. Since it already has some responses, I'll leave it be. But in the future, please direct any tab requests to the request link at the top of the page. Thanks.

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