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Ok, so I’m going to be somehwere for a week with no bass around the end of the month. And I need to practice my slap bass. I promised myself that I would be good at slap by the end of the summer. I told myself that I am not going back to school until I and able to slap. So I need suggestions about what to practice. E.g. good songs to learn, warmups, practice techniques. Anything really. So please give me suggestions cuz I need to practice like hell. Just ANYTHING even if it will make my finger hurt! (But avoid sore fingers if possible obviously).
Oh and one last thing. I can already slap can’t stop and dark nessecities.
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Normally only the 2nd verse of Peg by Steely Dan is slapped, but you can play the whole song with that technique.

You play anything you like using slap. You'll never know what you will end up with until you try it. I may try my tab for Don't Answer Me by Alan Parsons Project later - slap the roots, pop the connecting notes, maybe play the song at 125% speed (standard YouTube feature to adjust playback speed). It might be cool, it might not (it won't be - I stink at slapping!).

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