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Good songs to learn

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So I got my bass maybe over about a month ago and I have been learning lots so I would just like to share some of the songs I have learned with you guys because I know that it can be weird starting a new instrument when you don’t know where to start especially when you already play other instruments.

I have found gorrilaz nice and simple. I learned feel good inc. and I just learned kids with guns (so easy for a beginner).

I have been doing some of my favourite bands songs. If you didn’t guess my fav band by the avatar it’s twenty one pilots. Tyler Joseph is the lead singer pianist and bassist and I really enjoy his bass playing so they are a good band to look into.

I have been doing a song called can’t stop. Now this isn’t exactly easy but if you want to learn some slap I recommend it. If you decide to learn it make sure to learn it bit by bit and to put some effort into it.

I have also done some easy songs like “Smells like teen spirit” and I also decided to learn a really cool song by Franz Ferdinand called “take me out”.

If any of you guys are new to bass try give these a go. If you disagree with anything I said please tell me. If you have any other easy songs or good songs to learn please feel free to continue this conversation and put them down. Thanks for reading.
johnny [staff]
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Try some with really really iconic and well known bass lines. Money by pink floyd comes to mind:

LoudLon [moderator]
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And don't limit yourself to one style of music. There's great bass stuff to be heard across damn near every genre. Robert DeLeo has some of the best alt-rock bass licks of all time, but he's also a fantastic blues and R&B player. Jason Newsted was blisteringly fast, but could also play sweet and melodic. Randy Jackson (yes, THAT Randy Jackson, co-host of American Idol) is one of the best session bassists around, and has provided bass on genres including hair metal, pop, country, R&B and pretty much everything in-between.

Cast your net wide. Learn from everything.
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Try Radio Clash if u want something to warm up with
Ok I have remembered some other songs I learned and also learned some new stuff. So I never mentioned how I learned daft punks around the world. And I have learned the main riff to feels (just heard it and decided I liked the bass line) and I also learned I can’t feel my face by the weekend (lol). It’s a cool bass line but the lyrics are awful to be honest. They were both very simple. Does anyone have anything slightly harder maybe? Sometimes I get bored with all the easy stuff.
Oh and I forgot to mention how I learned seven nation army (I think that was my second or third song that I learned)

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