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Jazz Bass wiring

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What's up guy and gals! So I got myself a Glarry 5 string ,all the reviews are saying these basses are the real deal so I had to see what truth there is ,MAN AM I IMPRESSED! I think Glarry is really trying to make a name for themselves,but I'll save that for another rant. My question is I'm switching pickups. Not that there's anything wrong with the stock ones,just something I'm doing to make it more “signature”. Anyway I got some Wilkinson pickups ,once again good reviews at a good price point. Well they didn't tell me which was the neck and which was the bridge. Both pups got a black negative wire then one has a red and the other a white wire for posative wires. That's all there is ,no instructions or anything else. Hopefully someone with more experience with jazzez can tell me ! I'm assuming the red wired is the hotter pickup but I don't want to do it till I have a second opinion. Thanks in advance for any help given!
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Did you ask Google?


The first hit looks helpful - I see a comment talking about the wire colors. One of the videos may be someone installing them, which would give you all the info you need.

Yea that's actually what I did kinda. Not sure what website it was but I looked until I found someone selling the exact ones I have,I found a pic that showed them with the stickers ,that mine don't have denoting which is which.
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So how do they sound??
They sound GREAT, ESPECIALLY for only 40$ they actually make it sound like a jazz bass unlike the stock pups

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