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Are there decent amps under 100?

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The amp I'm using right now is around 8 years old and it's a cheap one I got a long time ago and it really sucks. Any recommendations for an amp under / around 100 that are above 15 watts?
I just got myself a Fender Rumble 25 that seems great to me. 104.99 with a cable from musicians friend with free shipping. Aux in, headphones, distortion and loud. Check it out.
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That Rumble 25 is probably the best bet staying under $100. Bumping the price up a bit can get you some more options but that's going to be a pretty good option until you get over the $150 range, and stays strong all the way to $200 (where the Rumble 40 comes in). There are others brands beside Fender, but the current Rumble line have a great reputation (but don't skimp the $20 and drop to the Rumble 15 - you'll regret it).

The used market can be really good for this - my local Craigslist has a Rumble 25 (which is a great option) for $40, and a few bigger/more powerful options for under $100. Since you have something (you've lived with it for 8 years, another month is endurable) you can keep your eye out for something that fits your needs and budget.
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Bought a Fender BXR60 for 70 bucks used. All the electronics are perfect condition despite being used by a gigging bassist. I've found the older guys are happy to sell their used gear for a much fairer price because they've moved onto better equipment.
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I know it don't fit what your wanting,but I've really been grooving at home on the VOX headphone amps. I decided to get one for a similar reason. I've had my 75 watt Peavey max 115 for like 6/7 years now,just wanted to hear something different but didn't have the cash.So on the recommendation of the local guitar shop I got one,their really cool,you can do the same thing as with a practice amp,I take mine and plug my 10 inch Bluetooth speaker into it just fine. Like I said I know it's not what your looking for,but an idea to get you something different quick and cheap,while you save up for a better amp

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