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Sr strings

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So I just got my first Ibanez SR370, a 2010/2011 model,brown burst I think it's called,it's got radius on the pickups,active eq. My question is is there a string that sounds better on this style bass? You know like how Rotos sound real good on a Fender or Elixer nanos, sound better on my acoustic than other strings. The 370 has some Eballs on it,their pretty beat but after boiling them a bit they got a bit of life in them. When I buy a new guitar that's the first thing I do,slap a fresh set of strings on it ,I'm just not sure what I'm going to put on this one. Or wether lighter guage works better with the active pickups.ill be playing a lot of heavier music with this bass,maybe a set Steve Harris Signature Rotos?,I had a set of those on my TMB310 that sounded really good, especially getting vintage tones. I know SR's have a strong following so where you at guys/gals? Also if anyone can direct me to anything on the specs for this model please let me know,I haven't found much on this particular model with the single stack knob regard like the body materials and fretboard,I'm guessing is Jatoba. Any reviews,videos articles about this particular model is appreciated
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Ibanez has all of their catalogs and owner's manuals online, so you can find some good info there. Their site doesn't make it easy, but searching on “ibanez 2011 manual” and “ibanez 2011 catalog” will do it - I did the same for my 2001 BTB405QM.

As to strings, well, everyone has their favorites, and their reasons for liking them, but there's no consensus - if you like the Roto's go for it! I don't think they do the Steve Harris strings for a 5. I think they are based on the Jazz Bass 77's, so that might be the most similar.
Yes I was looking on the Ibanez website,it was really confusing,but I did find that my bass must be some late year model, because the serial number labels it a 2011, but it's got the 2010 knob configuration,the 2011s got 3eq knobs then volume and pan or whatever where as mine has the stack knob for bass and treble,then a volume,pan and the weird ass “style sweeper” or whatever they call it,seem it's just a overall tone knob to me,lol. As for strings I'm going to order a few sets to try,this bass is a bit different to the p basses and jazzes I'm used to,but if it can be tuned anywhere near EADG ,I'll figure out how to groove on it! Lol thanks I appreciate the info

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