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How to Start a Band

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I'm curious as to how to go about starting a band. I'm 16 and in with the “music crowd” but no one I know really has any desire to start a band. I want to start as soon as possible, even though I've only been playing bass for about 2 months, because I've heard that's the best way to learn
johnny [staff]
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Perhaps try joining an existing band that's looking for a bass player
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I don’t think your friends don’t want to be in a band, they just think they are not good enough to be in a band. So don’t call it a band, just present it as getting together to practice. Pick a very easy song and do try your best to nail it down. Then pick another song. Before you know it, you got a band!
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Also 16 here, I'm the bassist/singer of a band I started with my pals. my best suggestion is that you should find one of your friends that likes the same music style that you and that plays an instrument or sings good and ask him if he wants to help you with some songs maybe covers or maybe originals if he says yes, you know just need to search for a third member that won't be hard once you start to look closely.
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Accidentally posted the same thing twice, sorry :p
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If people are not chomping at the bit to join a band, do not try to start a band with them. If you have people around you who are friends or frequent acquaintances and they have musical skill, hang around with them and play together as much as you can, but wait for a good time to talk about starting a band with them. If you find you have a couple of good songs in a jam or whatever.

Starting as a social group that just jams together is also a good way to go. Play a few riffs together, see how it goes.

One thing I should point out here is that going from just jamming in a garage to forming a professional band is a very long journey with many forks in the road that can cause headaches to the best of people. At a certain point, the formation of a band is not that different to forming a company. An example of what you need to know at certain stages is at http://musicbizacademy.com/knab/articles/bandagreement.htm and there is likely more. But for the time being, just keep jamming and see what turns up. The most unlikely acquaintances can end up being lifelong bandmates. It is a total dice roll.
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What is your goal for this band you want to be in? Have fun informally playing on an irregular schedule or gig 3x weekly, play covers or originals, or any of the combinations between? What musical style(s)?

And different people will have different goals, so you need to understand that and find people who are compatible with your goals. Not necessarily the same goals, but ones that don't conflict - someone who wants to loosely cover Neil Diamond's album tracks isn't going to last long in a band with someone who wants to write new Progressive Metal. You can find someone with differing long term goals for the band and it be a great fit for now.

And yes, you are right - playing with others is the best way to learn.

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