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New on here and have question

I was wondering if there was a way to sort the tabs on here by most reviews?? Picked up a bass guitar at my friends place for the first time last night and was paying Bone Machine by the pixies while he played the guitar riff. Loved that you an play something simple,but it sounds so cool and really stands out. Ended up buying the bass off my friend and now I am going through all the tabs…just wasn't sure you could sort them. I don't see that option. Help me….please!!!

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Welcome to the low end Keith!

So the ratings on the tabs here are questionable - there were some users who were “abusing” the system. Which isn't that helpful, so here's what I do - I have a few tab contributors who I trust, so I search their list of tabs first for a song. Then I'll do a general search on the site for the song, and if there are multiple versions take the 2-3-4 highest rated ones and compare them. If they look similar I'll go with the one most cleanly formatted (easiest to follow and play), and work on the song based on it. There are usually some points where either the tab seems wrong or it's a lick I can't play, so I tend to end up with my own version of the tab by the time I have the song down.

I see we have two versions of Bone Machine here, under “Pixies” (and not “The Pixies”, which is also in the Band listing) which are the same. Giving the song a quick listen it seems pretty accurate (I think there is more variety to the bass line than the tab has) so I'd say it's a great starting point. With a song that's structured that simply you can add a lot to it if you want to. That's one nice thing with bass - quite often “close enough” is all you need.

And yes, it is really cool how much feel you can get with something so simple.

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