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Squire Precision Fretless Bass

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I came across a used Squire Precision Fretless at my local music store. I kind of avoided Squire guitars. Basically from all the bad reviews on them. I sat down and played this bass and was blown away. I bought it on the spot. 275 for it. And worth every penny. As good if not better than other more expensive guitars I have. I am sure there are bad ones out there. And not everyone digs the ebanol fretboard. It has a few marks on the board from bad strings on it. I put on half rounds and this bass is as slick as melted butter sliding down warm toast. Its a keeper for sure ! I am thinking there is always a diamond out there. So don't be fooled by lower end basses. They just might surprise you. This Bass surprised the hell out of me.
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Squier stuff has really improved over the last 10 years or so. The Vintage Modified (which you probably have) and Classic Vibe series have great reputations. Even the Affinity's aren't too bad - my teacher has one in his studio and it plays great.
Yes its the VM. A really dark sunburst. Beautiful bass. I had never played a fretless before I tried this one out at the guitar shop. It has a sound all its own. I simply love this guitar and very happy I stumbled across it.
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“Basically from all the bad reviews on them.”

Which would those be? From the 1990s? Because I looked at hundreds of reviews when I went looking for my first few basses a few years back (including my Squier VM Fretless Jazz) and there weren't many bad ones. In fact they were overwhelmingly positive.

The only thing I'd change about my fretless, which I put Thomastik Infeld flatwounds on that I'll never take off (they last for decades and are worth the extra cost), is the awful Jaco-like sunburst. I hate all sunbursts and have been waiting for the right time to send the body off to be refinished in something subtle, like candy purple or metallic magenta. Great bass that stays in tune for months and hasn't a single flaw. Why on earth would I pay more for a Mexican or American model? (And before you say “resale value,” note that Squiers hold their value just as well if not better than American Fenders do. Check used prices on eBay if you don't believe me. Not that it matters. You won't want to sell it.)
The bad reviews I have read on this particular bass was all about the ebanol fret board. Raised fret lines were the problem on some and marking of the board. You cant really call it a fretless if you have raised fret lines or markers now can you. Mine has no raised fret line issues whatsoever. Smooth as glass. It does however have marks on the board from the last user having round wound strings on it. I changed my strings as well to stop screwing up the board. I put on D'ADDARIO half rounds. Not as dull as flats and not as bright as rounds. A nice in between sound. But they can still go where you want them too. And still nice and smooth to stop any more damage. They sound great on this bass. About the sunburst.
Mine is really dark. More black than anything. It really looks good with the black fretboard. As far as the tuning you are so right. I rarely have to tune this bass. I have a Mexican Fender Precision and this bass kicks the crap out of it. Also I should mention the neck on mine is slim like a jazz neck. Not a normal precision neck. And there is a notable difference in weight. It is lighter. Which I like. It is a really good bass. I would never sell this bass. The Mexican on the other hand is a different story.
I bought a few months ago the 2008 Squire VM fretless jazz bass that was a close copy to the Jaco Pastorious bass that Fender puts out. My fretlines are slightly raised by a thousandth of an inch. You can feel it and hear it little but not a issue. I swapped out the pickups for some custom jazz pickups and copper shielded the electronics. It is silent and great mid growls out of it now.

Oh I bought mine for $150 only.
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Squier did have some bad years where their reputation was bad - when I started playing it was on an Affinity P that couldn't hold tune through a song, the neck moved with the time of day, and it was horribly balanced. Now they are great deals on the used market because that reputation, while no longer deserved, is keeping the prices down.
I remember from about ten years ago, how bad Squiers could be. I think it's partly due to reviews and complaints on the bass forums, that they improved to the current level.
I remember from about ten years ago, how bad Squiers could be. I think it's partly due to reviews and complaints on the bass forums, that they improved to the current level.
I agree. Also when sales drop. Companies tend to improve there product. No matter what it is. How many times have you seen NEW AND IMPROVED. Why for crying out loud don't they do it in the first place. Make a good product to begin with. No matter the level of guitar. I will tell you why. Because when you are learning a instrument you don't really know what sounds good. And plays good. Until you play for awhile. All of a sudden you go my bass sounds like shit. I want to upgrade. That's what there hoping for ! Just like a better pizza or better car or burger. I lucked out on this bass I think. I am selling my Mexican Fender Jazz, My Mexican Precision and my Mexican short scale Mustang because I cant play them anymore. They don't come close to this Squire Precision fretless and it pisses me off to play them. Keeping my Rickenbacker. My Schecter. And of course the Squire. I will take the money and buy one great bass even if its a mish mash of parts, Zombie, Godzilla, Frankenstein of a no name bass. With good harmonics, a good neck and frets. AND IT HAS TO HAVE THE SOUND ! Don't care. A really good bass doesn't have to be a brand name. You just have to search. As long as it plays better than those three, I am all over it. Or I will buy 1400 hundred bucks worth of Chinese food and a pizza. That sounds good ! I must be hungry gotta go. I have some Korean Fire Noodles all ready to cook up. Ciao for now…

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