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New to bass and have a issue tuning

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Hi all and thank you all for the advice…but I took my bass into a local music store and the girl who checked it out said my actions were to low, and she adjusted the pick-ups and changed the strings…she said it was factory settings…it seems to be working ok…but she did say I would have issues in the future because of the bass, I bought a Ibanez Talman from Amazon, she said Ibanez was a good brand but this bass is one of their poor quality one…I dont know. Any advice on this? But again thank you all.
I am glad you took it into the shop. Soon enough you will be working out your own solutions. If I cant fix something I take it to the store and simply say HELP. Just stick with it. As far as the Talman is concerned. I had one and returned it. Loved the color. And it sounded not to bad. Also really liked the concentric stacked control knobs. Sturdy, well built for the price and the bridge is good. It just was way to heavy for my liking. As heavy as my Rickenbacker, which I only tolerate because it sounds so frigging awesome. I tried another Ibanez and didn't care for it either for different reasons. I am just not a Ibanez guy. Lots of people love them and swear buy them. That's cool. You will find what suits you thru trial and error. I am mostly a Fender guy. All my guitars are Fender except my awesome Schecter which knocks my socks off. Only one I have with active pickups. It roars with my effects pedals. And my Rick. Thick, heavy, clunky but would never get rid of it. Bottom line I think and this is only my humble opinion, is to play that one for awhile and then go back to your store at a later date and try on some others for kicks. It wont take long for you to find out what works for you. Don't give up on your Talman just yet. Its a really good bass to start out on.

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