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So im attempting to learn Limp Bizkit My Way. Its played on a 5 string,im using a 4,my question is the tuning for it is in C,most of the song is played on the 3 high strings, would i want to tune my bass from the e string or would i worry more about tuning A,D and G strings to the proper tuning? Some of the song IS played on the E?
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Tune the whole guitar
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…bosh by the way
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I'm a big fan of keeping the tuning in fourths - the 5th fret of a string is the same note as the open next-higher string (E5 and A0 are both A). So if you drop the E string to D (or C#) you would tune DGCF (or C#F#BE). You will see people tune DADG (just the E down a full step), but my brain doesn't handle that very well.

The challenge with the bigger tuning drops is the strings having enough tension to ring. On some basses they will just flop around, and you are more prone to fret buzz or clanging as well.

You can also use the lowest 4 strings from a 5 string set and go BEAD - but that will take some adjustments to the nut. Jay has a bass setup that way and it seems to work great for him.
Hi…try tuning it a little bit flat on the open b or tune to the fretted c or d on that string. If you tune the b then pretty much the fretted notes on that string will go sharp to some degree, which unfortunately the human ear picks up on right now. We humans seem to prefer a slightly flat note to a sharp.

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