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New Metal jams, with an 80's feel

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Just released today “Jon Schaffer's Purgatory”…for the Traditional 80's Metal & Iced Earth fans. Jon reunited with his 1st band Purgatory (Mid 80's) then soon became Iced Earth. 5 song Ep…with the original singer Gene Adams, also on the S/T Iced Earth release. The 5 songs were redone with some crushing riffs. Its a great buy.


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I saw Iced Earth with Tim “ Ripper ” Owens fronting them when I went to see Heaven and Hell( Dio fronting Sabbath , they were awesome ), not for me but I can see the appeal of it
LoudLon [moderator]
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Just listened to the track “Dracula.” Nice! Putting a couple songs from that album on my to-do list.
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Not really my thing but interesting

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