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New Metal jams, with an 80's feel

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11 months ago
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Just released today “Jon Schaffer's Purgatory”…for the Traditional 80's Metal & Iced Earth fans. Jon reunited with his 1st band Purgatory (Mid 80's) then soon became Iced Earth. 5 song Ep…with the original singer Gene Adams, also on the S/T Iced Earth release. The 5 songs were redone with some crushing riffs. Its a great buy.


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I saw Iced Earth with Tim “ Ripper ” Owens fronting them when I went to see Heaven and Hell( Dio fronting Sabbath , they were awesome ), not for me but I can see the appeal of it
LoudLon [moderator]
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Just listened to the track “Dracula.” Nice! Putting a couple songs from that album on my to-do list.
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Not really my thing but interesting
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Still jamming to it today, as I'm reading this.

I recently bought an album by Dust Bolt… a bit more on the thrashy side. Trapped in Chaos is the title.
Great riffs!

glad you like it
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Scored a copy of Judas Priest's Firepower on Ebay for £4 , really liked the studio jam video for No Surrender.

This week's punk purchase is the first solo album from UK Subs bass legend Alvin Gibbs and his disobedient servants ,sounds very Iggy Pop which is cool by me

alvin gibbs, a blast from the past

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