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Westone Bass

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I have the opportunity to buy a mint Westone bass. Concord 11. With fitted ohsc. 375.00 Canadian. Can anyone tell me if that's a good deal and what they know about this bass. Its 1984. Thanks Guys…
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I like to check Reverb for listings to confirm pricing on a bass. For this one I found a couple of recent listings:



There's no way to tell if they were sold or the posting expired, but those asking prices indicate the one you are looking at seems to be fairly priced, or even a little low. Which would make me look real closely to confirm it's in as great of shape as you think it is.
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Many thanks Nick for the link. The one I am looking at is identical to the red one case and all. Except it has the original bridge. Judging from the pics its in mint condition as they list it. I will take a look. Thanks again.
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I remember the Westone Thunder bass but was never a fan of the shape, but they are high quality basses on a budget and being built in the Matsumoku factory in Japan, are very well built using quality timbers and techniques. Over here in the UK Thunders from the 80s are fetching around £350-£400

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