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Canadian Ballads from the past...

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which is why God knocked their plane out of the sky

Well I heard ole Neil put her down , laser pen in the pilots eyes so I heard
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Thanks Marko. Its just that I am new here. I listen to a song even if I don't like it for the bass. Which is funny because I never listened to the bass that much until I started playing. Except bass like Chris Squire which blew my socks off. And a few others. So I didn't want to seem silly to you guys for finding some things interesting. I just cant get enough bass. And I don't have the kinda time I wish to explore it all. On top of that I spend a lot off time exploring my own ideas. I am finding it difficult between learning new songs and working on my own. Not enough minutes in the day. Thanks again Marko. I appreciate the comment…

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