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Total Novice

Hi Guys thank you for letting me join the group I can play a bit of 6 string guitar but a total novice to the Bass
so feel free to talk to me like I am stupid…my mate bought me a second hand Peavey Milestone 111 bass the strings are very old and worn on it ..the E string seems to rattle and vibrate a lot ..if I took the guitar to a guitar store to be set up and new strings should this help matters?
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Welcome Makly! Everyone here started out knowing nothing about playing bass, and have asked plenty of “stupid” questions as we have learned, so don't be shy about anything!

Yes, it sounds like a setup and new strings are just what you need. For a recommendation on the strings the store can hep with that, but for a starting place I've been liking GHS Boomers on my Peavey basses, and they're pretty inexpensive. You'll also find people are happy with D'Addario's and Ernie Ball's - strings are like beer: there are a million different kinds and everyone has their own favorites.
Thanks for your advice Nick I appreciate it

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