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Insomnia and Depression before cancer diagnosis

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I am a new member here, just got my diagnosis of breast cancer in Jan, grade 1, lymph nodes clear, now waiting for Oncotyping result for treatment plan. I was not well since last Jan starting with a bad virus infection of sinusitus for a long time, then insomnia followed, then depression and all other health issues. Then, cancer this Jan! I have a rare conditon since last Feb that doctors couldn't really find the cause, all my finger and toe nails are dry, curved in on both sides, red around the plates with nerve pain, can't touch water much at all, one of the doctor friends said it may be somehting called princer nail but unusual in all fingers and toes. I wonder anyone has a similar situation? I really worry my health condition is not too good to take the coming cancer treatments. Looking for info and support.

Please help.

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