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Does anyone know this obscure '90s song?

LoudLon [moderator]
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Courtesy of someone on Yahoo! Answers, I've finally found the song. Thing is, the person answered my question nine months ago, and I've only just now seen it! The song is indeed called “Swim,” by a band called Papa's Culture. My memory of it was only off in regards to there being an aquatic effect to the voice. Not sure why I remembered it that way – maybe because it's about swimming, and I was stationed in Hawaii at the time, or I had wet myself, I don't know. Anyway, here it is, if anyone's interested. And to think, it only took 26 years to find it…

Hello, Name's Darren. This seems like an interesting place.

I remember this yes. This was a long time ago. I think I heard once and it was catchy for a while
but forgot all about it.
johnny [staff]
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Wow I love it when something like this happens.. I have a few white whales myself
all's well that ends well
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Wow, I would have never figured that out. I've never heard of that song before.
I have a copy on tape, recorded off of KALX Berkeley in the early 90's or so. . . and I have been trying to figure out who it is.

I like to swim. . . whether in the ocean or in the great lakes,
I like swimin' and women and birthday cakes…"

So anybody know who it is?


Oops- There it is above. That's right-


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