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Can Sidsquishus reach 200 tabs before 2013 ends?

cmon sid! we have faith in you!
also if you ever have issues with the MPA i am not in america. they cant touch me
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Sid, you are nearly there, only 5 tabs to go!
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1003
First of all, sorry softcell62 for deleting your post. After I deleted slaminger's posts your really stood out kind of strange because nobody would know what you responded to, but I have to say that I agreee with you wholeheartedly.

contributing to the website does not give anyone the right to insult other people on these forums. I will not tolerate (and I believe most of you agree with me) any kind of aggression.
k, well i am out. take care guys. i will not tolerate the way bass freak speaks to me. It was him who started bad mouthing me.
by out i mean of this convo. im going back to what i was doing with a tab i am making. byeeee
Posts: 461
No worries Johnny, I do understand your reasoning. Anything to help the forum is fine by me. Let's hope things get back to normal in here.
its all good softcell. the happy helpful me is back.. were you one of the people who wanted the ABC tabs?
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Sid, nearly there man, roll on 200!!
bass freak
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Here here Johnny, 100% in agreement with you. This forum doesn't need this kind of behaviour!
C'mon Sid, only 5 tabs to go!

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