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Can Sidsquishus reach 200 tabs before 2013 ends?

haha that would be funny
still tho… what kind of musicians don't drink n curse? this a christian bass tab site? lol teasing
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Sid to make 200 tabs - EASY! Looking forward to it.
Looking through the thread I don't think anyone was taking the swearing/bad language thing personaly, I just think it's a common rule through all forum sites that you don't swear etc.
I agree that in here I've never felt the need to unless I was writing out a song title etc.
Icehouse1 - brilliant advice, just keep tabbing. To those that do please carry on, we need you!
As i'm not a musician maybe I have religious morals! I think not!!!!!
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I agree I don't think the bad language thing was taken to heart by anyone, just in general through the forum.
Didn't think the “just keep tabbing” statement would be so well received but i'm glad that it has. That is what we are all here for, the tabs. I have to say it would make for a cool t-shirt, don't think there are any out there to be seen on the streets.
As for any religious aspects (unless musical), go to another forum!
ok lets push forum rules.. i got charged with treason today… for not much really. piece of shit bastard cocksuckers. there, i gave a reason to curse…. but seriously… im choked
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I have to laugh, really I have to laugh!
There have been a few messages within this thread regarding swearing in this forum. Most agree that there is no need for it unless related to a music topic/song title etc. I'm no prude or religious moral crusader, I can swear along with the best of you if I need to!
So is it just me or does the last post from slamingerrrrrr, regardless of his reasoning & circumstance just feel like a smack in the face to the forum & everyone in here?
bass freak
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PS. remember this recent quote from johnny?

“the rules of the forum prohibit excessive profanity so please try to keep the F bombs to a minimum and only when really necessary (e.g. when it's in the name of a song we're discussing or something), thanks!”
johnny [staff]
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The forum rules aren't some arbitrary rules made up just so that we have some rules and I can go on a power craze and enforce them like a maniac

I truly believe that by following the rules the website becomes more appealing to a broader audience, including children. And I really don't to be responsible for children (or anyone for that matter) picking up bad habits such as compensating for their inarticulateness by resorting to swearing on this website. So there

And to get back on the topic of the thread: sid is now only 5 tabs away from reaching 200 cheers
johnny [staff]
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lol don't wanna offend anyone. it was more a question of timing. like if i were to say F*** the governments b.s or something, not directed at someone.

and especially please do not say stuff like this what with the news of all the you know what and the you know who with the spying and stuff, this is a surefire way to get this site on some list we don't want it to be on the bassmasta website sold his website because of his problems with the MPA. Well me and the dude have both promised that this'll never happen to bigbasstabs and that we won't go down without a fight, but we'd like to avoid any kind of fight if at all possible
TheDude [staff]
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And to get back on the topic of the thread: sid is now only 5 tabs away from reaching 200 cheers
thread needs to be renamed to “can sid reach 200 tabs before the week ends?”

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