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Playing bass through a home stereo instead of an amp?

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I just started playing bass and I don't have the money to purchase an amp right now (I'm 14) but I do have a stereo (Old Sound Design receiver and 2 old 150 watt fisher speakers) and I have been playing my bass through it by running the output from the bass into a little 4 channel RadioShack sound mixer board and running the output from that into the auxiliary input on my stereo. The reason I'm using the mixer is to reduce the power of the signal going into the receiver because from what I know, a bass or guitar puts out a MUCH stronger signal than something like a tape player. I also use the mixer so my buddy can plug his guitar into the stereo and we can jam together. I'm not sure if this is safe for the receiver or speakers but so far I haven't encountered any problems as long as I keep the levels from the bass or guitar very low and don't crank the stereo way up. Anyone else ever done this and had anything bad happen or is it safe?
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You're already aware of the main problem - overpowering the stereo. For what you have you're doing it right - running through the mixer, keeping the signal level appropriate and not cranking the volume on the stereo itself.

Basically what you're doing is the same as running through a PA at a gig, just with the stereo as the amp.

When I was 14 I probably would have turned everything up as high as I could and blown the whole setup out with a low E, THEN realized what I had done wrong.
Right on man! Keep too much bass away from the speakers and you'll be safe.

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