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deciding on a new bass, 2 options.

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SO i'm buying my second bass and am drawn between two, my price range is around the 400 mark so please do recommend any you may think are even better.
So far i'm drawn between the Jackson David Ellefson CBX V SBK (https://www.thomann.de/gb/jackson_david_ellefson_cbx_v_sbk.htm)

And the Marcus Miller V7

Anyone have any thoughts?
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You really cant go wrong with the V7. The build quality is top notch - inside and out. You get a lot of bass for the price.
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Don't know the basses specifically, but the two artists are quite different, so I would lean toward the artist who's style most matches what you will be playing.
2nick3, I play metal mostly so the jackson would be the obvious choice but wont any bass sound right for metal as long as it has a pre amp?
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Since you play metal, maybe you'd want to go for the Jackson because you know, aesthetics, but a V7 is a no-brainer. I bought a fretless version of it last year and I'm in love with it, sounds awesome and plays really well. Build quality is really good, specially considering it's a relatively cheap bass. Plus, it has both active and passive pickups.
I can't tell you anything about the Jackson because I haven't tried any, but if it helps, I can tell you that I don't really think I will be buying any bass other than a V7 for that price.
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It's all about it sounding how you want to sound. Yeah, real helpful…

I would think the humbuckers on the Jackson would provide a more metal sound, and the extended range of the low-B would be more adaptable to metal, as so much of it is recorded with alternate tunings (Half-step down, Drop D, etc). With that low-B you don't have to adjust the tuning for different songs.

But then from what I've read that Marcus Miller plays like a dream.

I went to a show a friends band was part of - death metal, not my style at all. Of the four bands on the ticket the bassist with the best sound was playing a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Jazz pickups. In white, and he kept it clean and shiny, too. It did not look the part at all, but he made it sound great.
2nick3, at this point i'd probably be going by price because i hear good things about both these basses so I think I'll be going with the v7,
JVS, i'm not exclusively metal, do like jazz lines if i can find them so I think the v7 would be better as a sort of all rounder, and it'c cheaper.
Do you want a new one or used, all mine are from pawn shops.

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