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Pick it... or Give 'em the Finger?

While I'm still relatively fresh at bass, I started fingerstyle and have tried moving to pick, but I just find fingerstyle a bit easier and a bit more fun than using a pick.
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The best thing is to use both depending on the sound you want, If I play with my fingers I usually have a pick in my pocket
I've noticed that this seems to be somewhat of a touchy subject among bassists. Some bassists have the notion that you're not a true bassist unless you only play finger style…I think that is a load of self-praising B.S. I use both, they each have certain qualities that I think makes them better than the other. I prefer using my fingers though. It seems to me that it is a little easier to keep your timing when using your fingers. I use a three finger technique. It helps when playing fast tempos. I also like the deep, fat, muddy tone if you will that you get when playing finger style. On the other hand, one of my favorite sounds, if not my favorite sound you get out of the bass is that crisp, clean and pure sound that you get when using a pick. Like I said they both have their areas in which one is preferred over the other. I think it just depends on what genre you are playing as to what method you should use.
I personally use both because the both produce a different sound. For example, play For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica with and without a pick and listen to the song.
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I'm a finger guy but trying to practice with pick as well. Knowledge is power

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