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Spending 10 months in Germany

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So I am a sophomore in high school, and I was accepted into a foreign exchange program to spend 10 months in Germany.
I wonder if I should take the risk and effort of shipping my bass up there, or if I should go the easier but likely more expensive route of buying another bass in Germany (probably selling it before I leave ). Something that may warrant mention, is that making money is not easy as I live in a very small town (therefore, hardly any jobs).

Anybody have any weigh-ins, or suggestions?
LoudLon [moderator]
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Paying to ship a bass has to be cheaper than buying a new one, right?
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I worked in Germany in the 90s, beautiful place and very nice people. You will be able to pick up a used bass through the local classified ads, something like a Squier bass and amp package that someone has given up on would be in the region of $120 or even cheaper, and like you said, you can sell it before you leave
johnny [staff]
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I would recommend buying a second hand bass and then selling it before you go home. I've heard too many horror stories of people getting their gear destroyed on airplanes.

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The peace of mind to protect your bass will require the purchase of a decent hard case, and then I'd recommend insuring it as well (depending on the type and value of your bass). But these costs would probably be more than what you'd spend on a cheap used bass once you get to Germany.

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