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photo uploads

mr zee
Posts: 577
Use the contact us link at bottom of page. don't know if they allow you to send piccy's though but you can ask first
mr zee
Posts: 577
All my original pics where taken on my mobile. I then sent them to my self and saved them into a pictures folder.
Posts: 3143
I've sent loads of pictures, I've even sent a couple while I've been trying to send the pics of my bass, it's just my bass pics that won't come through, I've tried everything and to be honest I couldn't give a toss anymore, at least I can see it and that's all that matters
Posts: 533
Upload to imgur, use “Insert image” here (the tree, not the camera).

Saves on space on the site as well, not storing the pictures on the BBT server. Not sure if that's a real concern or not, but it can be a big pain for the Admins to add storage.

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