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Can Someone Please Make A Few I Prevail Bass Tabs?

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Hello, Can Someone Please Make A Few Bass Tabs For Specific Songs By “I Prevail”? I'd make Them Myself On Guitar Pro, But Im HORRIBLE at tabbing by ear. The Songs i would like tabbed are:

Stuck In Your Head
Love, Lust, And Liars
The Enemy

If you could tab thise id be forever grateful. The only I Prevail Bass Tabs I Could Find on the ENTIRE internet were For their cover of Taylor Swift's song “Blank Space”

Im trying to make Rocksmith CDLC's Of I Prevail Songs i want to learn on bass. If you tab them, please email the tabs to me at Ddgmofficial@gmail.com

They DO NOT need to be tabbed on guitar pro, they can be tabbed on notepad and i can transfer it to Guitar Pro
LoudLon [moderator]
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Please direct all tab requests to the request page via the button above, or click here:

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