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old hippie
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Just thought I'd pose this question and maybe save me some future pain. Gonna buy a new American Fender Bass shortly and would like some advice, in order to stay away from all these fakes. So, does anyone have any idea how to spot one? I know something about spotting fake Strat's, but, the Bass, I ain't got no experience with. Thanks, for any help. GB
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It should say made in USA on it.

You can also run the serial number to check. There''s a website where you can do it, but I can't remember what site it is.
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As long as you buy it from a Fender dealer you will have satisfaction guaranteed. Mark, you wouldn't believe how many Chinese fakes are out there, and they all have Made in USA on them, they look the part but fall down on the fret finishing, making them virtually un playable without a full set up
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I went onto a Chinese site and found this straight away, Stevie Wonder would spot this a mile off! Look closely at the headstock, you can just make out where they have airbrushed the Fender logo out for the ad. You can have this piece of junk for 250 bucks!
Thanks, guys. It's a shame that you gotta run through all this BS. If we would export more than we import this may end a lot of these kinda problems. GB
I thought about going to our local Guitar Center. I would assume, that as big as they are, they should be an authorized dealer. But, you never know these days. GB
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American fender basses are significantly heavier than a Mexican, Japenese and even a Chinese knock off. Make sure to compare a jazz to a jazz and a precision to another precision. Also your ok with Guitar Center. They offer a 30 day return policy so if you found out what you purchased is a fake, which you won't. Then you can return it. Good luck!
Thanks, man. The ones I'm considering (from Guitar Center) run between $2000 & $2500. And, I've gotten good remarks on their customer service, so, that's the people I'll deal with. I ain't got time to put up with these “fly by night” companies BS. You know what I mean? Again, thanks. Gene Bellamy
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You can find authorized Fender dealers from their website:


You might get better service from a local guitar shop than you would at Guitar Center, but that isn't a guarantee. The local shops don't want to lose their Fender Authorized Dealer status, as it drives business to them, so they should be operating above board.
Thanks, man. I'll check that site out. I've got one local shop here, but, the closest “local” Guitar Center to us ain't really that far away. I'd probably prefer to use Guitar Center cause of their national chain status. Sometimes these “Mom and Pop” shops change hands so many times it's hard to get good service when you need it. Again, thanks. GB

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