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Bass Specific Instrument Cable

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I was looking at some black Friday deals at a local music store and saw they carried an instrument cable specifically for bass guitars. I haven't been playing for very long and I've never heard of this before. When I first started playing I used cheap cables and went through them like crazy. Since then I only use gold plate higher end cables. I'm wondering if anyone has tried these and if they work.
I haven't tried any ‘bass specific’ cable. Apart from wear and bad contact, the cable quality for basses isn't that important. At low frequencies loss and phase shift aren't a major issue. So I can't imagine a cable that's specifically bass friendly.
LoudLon [moderator]
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I've been using the same no-name cable for about fifteen years, for both guitar and bass. Just keep the plugs clean and don't store it anywhere a mouse can chew into it, and pretty much any cable will do the job, and last forever.
I use Monster brand instrument cable which is bass specific. I have two and dont off hand recall what I paid for them. I got them back when I was upgrading my equipment but cant spot a difference in sound from the generic cable I used before.
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I use Planet Waves cables, they are gold plated and have an instrument only plug which is shielded, the best thing about them though is that they are guaranteed for life! If you have one that breaks just take it to any music shop that stocks them and they'll replace it for free, had mine about 15 years now with no issues
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Fender custom shop retro tweed type for me as they dont kink and tangle ,unlike my playing!

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I just invested in some planet waves cables. First time I've bought cables in years and bought at the encouragement of friends ( curiosity got the better of me) They seem good enough but not really sure I get what all the fuss was about. Look after your cables and it shouldn't make too much of a difference. My previous set lasted as long as they did because I wrapped them right and stored them in a gig box I made up.

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